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Let your Internet
take you anywhere.

NetShade lets you access content from around the world, while protecting your privacy. Instead of connecting directly to the sites you visit, NetShade routes your connection through an intermediary proxy server.

Watch overseas videos, surf anonymously, and secure your Internet traffic from eavesdroppers. Choose between a Proxy or VPN connection, or combine the two for maximum security and anonymity. NetShade makes it easy.

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Mac+iOS native
NetShade has been a Mac app since 2003 and an iOS app since 2010. We’ve never supported any other platform, choosing instead to focus on delivering the best user experience possible on the best platforms available.
Best of both worlds
NetShade is both a proxy and VPN service. Use our proxies when you just need to change your access point or surf anonymously, and switch to our VPNs when you need full encryption over all ports.
Won’t jack your Mac
NetShade uses your operating system’s built-in capabilities as much as possible. When you quit the NetShade app, nothing stays running. We don’t run any background processes or make any kernel modifications.
Unlimited access
We offer only one usage plan: Unlimited connection time, Unlimited bandwidth. Why? Because bandwidth caps are frustrating. Still, our subscriptions are priced below most of our competitors, many of whom do restrict bandwidth.
NetShade currently runs dedicated proxy and VPN servers throughout Europe and North America. We're constantly expanding our global presence, offering our users as many access points as possible.
Proven infrastructure
We have 11 years of experience running high-availability proxy servers. The server infrastructure has evolved into a high-capacity, high-uptime system which we’re proud to make available to our users.
Experience a higher class of proxy & VPN service
If you have some experience with the proxy and VPN services out there, you probably know that it’s a pretty mixed field. Many of them have overloaded servers, foist advertising and redirects on their users, use bait & switch pricing tactics, and impose restrictive bandwidth caps. If you’ve been there, you're not alone. And since you're now here, you’ve found the alternative. Welcome home. We’ve built our customer base through old-fashioned, fair and transparent business practices including a 30 day refund policy, a 10 day unlimited trial period, and a focus on consistent improvement of our product.

NetShade FAQ


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Customer Support

Is NetShade not accepting your registration code?

Make sure your code is for the version of NetShade you’re trying to run. Codes beginning with NS4 are for NetShade 4.x for Mac or NetShade 1.x for iOS. Codes beginning with NS5 are for NetShade 5.x for Mac or NetShade 2.x for iOS. NetShade 4 codes can be upgraded at Account Info.

A different issue?

It may be covered in the FAQ.

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Technical Information

The NetShade Proxy Service

Our NetShade proxy servers are all dedicated servers. They sit inside datacenters on high-capacity Internet connections. We run a combination of custom and open source software to run our proxy service. The proxy software itself is Apache Traffic Server, but we've heavily extended it by adding our own plugins and add-ons to make the user's experience as seamless as possible.

The NetShade VPN Service

An optional upgrade from HTTP/HTTPS Proxy service, the NetShade VPN service provides extra security by encrypting your Internet communications. Unlike a proxy, the VPN operates at the network transport level. This ensures that all communication between you and the VPN server is encrypted, over any port and from any app.

The NetShade VPN service is available for both Mac and iOS. The iOS version uses an IPsec-based VPN, and the Mac version uses an OpenVPN-based VPN. Both of these VPN technologies are considered secure, and are widely deployed by large corporations and government for secure communications.

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NetShade Server Traffic

NetShade's connection modes explained:

Proxy: HTTP Proxy Server. A proxy server acts as a relay for your web connections. Proxy servers have no effect on encryption and they only deal with web traffic. As with a regular web connection, data is only encrypted if it goes over HTTPS.

VPN: Virtual Private Network. A secure encrypted tunnel between you and a remote computer or network. In the case of NetShade, the tunnel goes between you and one of our servers. Our server then provides you with a securely encrypted link to the Internet.

Proxy+VPN. A dual-mode setup enables additional anonymity by adding an HTTP proxy to the VPN tunnel. The VPN layer is closer to your computer, where the proxy layer sits between the VPN servers and the Internet. This connection mode can be thought of as a “bounce” from VPN to Proxy to host.

Click a connection type to see a diagram:

Direct Proxy VPN Proxy+VPN
What the NetShade app does

Mac: The NetShade app is first and foremost a configuration engine. It does not get its hands into the network plumbing of your computer. It is just configuring your system to use certain settings, and the Mac software does the hard work. Additionally, NetShade talks with our servers to coordinate access between your network and our servers. The app is what enables us to run a secure system without asking for a login and password.

iOS: As with the Mac version, the NetShade app talks to our servers to grant users access. But it does not make any configuration changes to your system, because these types of actions aren't permitted by the iOS APIs. For this reason, the iOS version requires an additional PAC file configuration step, outlined in the app.